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The Beginning of Happiness (2019)

Voicing: S,Mz,Mz,A

Duration: 1 hour

Commissioned by Good Women Dance Collective (GWDC) for performance by FEMME Vocal Quartet and GWDC.

      Part 1: December 23rd (~ duration 24’15)

           I. Time Stopped (1’25)

            II. In the Shadow of a Lonely Tree (1’10)

            III. Scattered Memories (2’00)

            IV. Nothing But Numb (4’50)

            V. These Nights Pass Slow, Like Honey (1’00)

            VI. The Soap House (4’15)

            VII. No One Comes (2’20)

            VIII. Bloodstained (1’20)

            IX. I was going to be married (1’00)

            X. Time and Time Again (3’50)

            XI. All My Dreams (1’05)

       Part 2: No Answers in Oz (~ duration 12’30)

           XII. I wanted to find answers (2’20)

            XIII. Runaway (3’55)

            XIV. Under the Water (2’30)

            XV. Back in Your Arms (0’35)

            XVI. A Child (2’25)

            XVII. For the Safety of Lil’ (0’30-1’00)

       Part 3: You Found Me (~ duration 9’00-12’50)

           XVIII. Footsteps (3’10-4’00)

            XIX. Unanswered Questions (0’50)

            XX. Bury it Deep (2’45)

            XXI. Those Eyes (1’15)

            XXII. And they wonder why, this fear of men (1’00-4’00)

       Part 4: Beyond the Horizon Line (~ duration 12’40)

            XXIII. How Beautiful (2’35)

            XXIV. Laughter and Blue Eyes (1’45)

            XXV. Firefly (3’20)

            XXVI. Beyond the Horizon Line (5’00)

To Be a Woman (2019)

Voicing: S,S,Mz,A,A,A

Duration: 14 minutes

      I. Sister, my sister

       II. Sequester me away

       III. Must I be a mother

       IV. I Desire

To Be a Woman (2018)

Voicing: S,Mz,Mz,A

Duration: 14 minutes

      I. Sister, my sister

       II. Sequester me away

       III. Must I be a mother

       IV. I Desire

Mass for Recovery: Phoenix Rising (2016)


Duration: 35 minutes

      Mvmt. I: Kyrie Eleison (The Speechless Awakening) ~ 5'30

       Mvmt. II: Gloria (Breakthroughs & Breakdowns) ~ 4'10

       Mvmt. III: Credo (Turbulence, Memories, and 1000 Needles) ~ 4'30

       Mvmt. IV: Sanctus (The Battle of Glenrose) ~4'20

       Mvmt. V: Benedictus (Angels and Prayers) ~4'15

       Mvmt. VI: Agnus Dei (Going Home) ~6'45












Into the Night (2017)

Voicing: Double Choir: SATB, SATB

Duration: 4'35


How Love Fled (2018)

Voicing: SATB

Duration: 4'45

Alone (2018)

Voicing: SATB

Duration: 4'45


Chamber Ensemble


The Break (For Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Violoncello, Piano, and Mezzo-Soprano) (2019) ~ 7 minutes

Commissioned by The Society for New Music in Edmonton (NME) for Ultraviolet Ensemble.


To Be A Woman, performed by FEMME at SYOSIS III, by Jane Berry
Mvmt. X: Time and Time Again, performed by FEMME, by Jane Berry March 12th m
Into the Night by Jane Berry
For further information regarding works, commission inquires, or pricing, please contact Jane Berry at
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