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Where Darkness Brings Light - Art Exhibit

Where Darkness Brings Light is the debut exhibition of works by Edmonton-based abstract artist Jane Berry where three new 2020 collections are on display: Hypnagogia, Bruises for Art, and Των Στοιχείων. The exhibit is open from Nov. 20 until Dec. 20 2020 at Dandi-Lines Art Gallery, 9504 87 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 3J1. To reserve a time to attend, tickets (free or by donation) are available via Eventbrite (click here to be taken directly to the event site). Hourly attendance is limited to a maximum of 5 attendees. To book a private viewing please contact Jane at

Hypnagogia Collection

Hypnagogia is a series inspired by vivid visions experienced during the transitional period between wakefulness and sleep. Exasperated by various aspects of the current global pandemic, Jane draws both comfort and inspiration from the lucid dreams she regularly experiences.

Των Στοιχείων  Collection

Των Στοιχείων is a collection inspired by the elements. These works explore a variety of textures and often incorporate physical materials found in nature.

Bruises for Art Collection

Bruises for Art is a multimodal exploration of domestic violence. Artworks are accompanied by music which has been independently created by the artist to provide an element of temporal unfolding to the overall experience. (This collection has been made possible by the support of the EAC Creators' Reserve Fund)

Audio Tracks to Accompany the Bruises for Art Collection can be found below

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