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Jane Berry

Jane Berry is a composer, arranger, visual artist, and educator based in Edmonton, Canada. Originally from  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jane grew up near the ocean and has always felt an immediate connection to the water. Her love for the ocean as well as her passion for music have led her around the world in pursuit of higher education and inspiration for her art.

As a composer Berry’s work has been described as making an “impact that went far beyond the music-making” (Mark Morris, 2017). Berry burst onto the scene when her first major work Mass for Recovery: Phoenix Rising was performed by Pro Coro Canada in 2017. Since then she has continued composing extensively and her works have been performed by a wide range groups such as FEMME, Alive!, ProCoro Canada, Ultraviolet New Music Ensemble and others. Berry is gaining a reputation for developing works motivated by a desire to use her compositional voice and platform to increase visibility amongst underrepresented populations.


Berry's visual aesthetic is bold and nuanced. She specializes in large textured abstracts and works primarily with acrylics.

Berry moved to Edmonton to start her PhD of Philosophy in Music Theory in the fall of 2011 and holds a Masters of Arts in Music Theory from the University of Ottawa (2011), a Bachelors of Music in Composition from Acadia University (2005), and an After Degree in Education at the University of Alberta (2020). Since arriving in Edmonton she has worked with several local choral organizations in a variety of positions ranging from director—section lead—professional singer, and in her spare time Berry serves as a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta, sings with a number of professional ensembles, volunteers with local youth, and works as a visual artist.

Berry has received numerous prestigious awards in support of her research and academic endeavors including being awarded an Izaak Walton Killam Doctoral Scholarship, two QEII Doctoral Scholarships, the Haley Cup Medal, and she has been named a five-time Academic All-Canadian.

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